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Trusted Supply Chains

CHD2's expertise ranges from microelectronics to manufacturing to logistics and transportation supply chain operations. One of its founders created the concept of trusted operations for the U.S. government in its manufacturing of microelectronics for the defense department and intelligence communities. Logistics, networks, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and distribution of food, technology, and components are critical to the safe and secure consumer products in today's economies.

Information Technologies

Cloud, networks, and mobile devices have evolved today.s business operations. CHD2 can assist in the planning, operations, and implementation of your IT strategies. Secure datacenters and cloud operations are available for your business or government needs. Unique to CHD2 is the convergence of cyber with physical security sensors and platforms into an all-source centralized information operation for effective decision making and situational awareness.

Security Operations Centers (SOC)

Continuous monitoring of systems and networks, mobile devices, and policies is essential in today.s business and government data operations. CHD2 and its teammates have extensive experience in command and control, network operations centers, and security operations centers design, analysis, and multi-level security to effectively share across the enterprise.

Border Control

By working closely with our clients we help them write policies, procedures and assist with regulatory issues. We help them architect effective border control systems that help the efficient transfer of people and goods between countries. These systems enhance national security through the modernization of passports, national ID cards and visas as well as the collection of tariffs which generate revenue. We help secure the borders of illegal trafficking of goods and people. This is accomplished through the deployment of sensors and other surveillance systems along remote border regions. We also have the ability to design and deploy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which have proven to be extremely effective in providing persistent surveillance of borders in remote and rugged areas where traditional sensors are less effective. Our border solutions help maintain sovereign control of our client's borders.

Biometrics and Identity Management

Biometric technologies are becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. As the level of security breaches and transaction fraud increases, the need for highly secure identification and personal verification technologies is becoming apparent. Today.s cost effective use of technology in biometrics has made their use in immigration, law enforcement and national identity a must have for today.s governments and industries.

Secure Wireless Networks

Our team has designed and built secure wireless networks for government and defense clients around the world. These systems include satellite solutions and wireless networks ranging from a campus setting to country-wide Government Broadband Networks using 3G/4G technology. These state of the art systems provide the necessary infrastructure for day-to-day operations for police, health care and education as well as during emergencies and disasters.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Protecting a nations critical infrastructure from threats is paramount, as society has become reliant on them. Protecting the electrical and water supplies as well as power producing plants and telecommunications systems requires a special understanding of how these systems work. Our team has experts in both cyber and physical security of these industries.

Oil and Gas Protection

Many countries have oil and gas production as a significant source of revenue. These oil and gas well heads, pipelines and refineries have become terrorist targets and therefore require a solid and robust electronic security system for their protection. Our security experts have designed and built solutions for some of the largest oil producers in the world.

Transportation Security

Unfortunately the transportation systems of nations have become the target of choice for some terrorist organizations. We have the skills to design and implement complete solutions for railroads, subways, airports and maritime industries. We provide a fully integrated and layered approach to solving this complex threat.

Threat & Risk Assessments

In order to insure that the correct level of security is applied to a facility or agency, a thorough assessment of specific risks and their ramifications should be conducted. Our experts have performed vulnerability assessments for DOD and other government agencies around the world. We provide our customers with a comprehensive analysis outlining the findings and possible solutions to mitigate those risks.

Continuity of operations

Continuity of operations are guidelines, policies and procedures that ensure the client company or government can carry on all essential functions in case of a natural or manmade disaster. A continuity of operations plan, or COOP, outlines steps that a company or government should take in the event a disaster interrupts business. Continuity plans require companies or agencies to designate functions as essential or nonessential. Essential functions are those jobs that personnel must perform regardless of circumstances. GSDG experts assist and guide the review of policy and procedures as well as deploy systems that facilitate the reconstitution of operations with secondary offices, vehicles or networks.

Crisis Management

From national incidents to local emergencies, when disaster strikes every lost second can cost lives and property. GSDG supplies the integrated systems and mission support our clients need to assure preparedness - and to respond swiftly and effectively in any crisis. This includes comprehensive training as well as disaster preparedness live drills which are used to measure training effectiveness. Our Emergency preparedness solutions:

  • Enable emergency response agencies to collect diverse data from multiple sources and then integrate it into actionable information.
  • Support effective command and control and assure seamless communications for all levels of preparedness and response.
  • Bring real-time situational awareness to everyone in the response chain - from national emergency managers to first responders.
  • Assure interoperability among multiple agencies and jurisdictions - and their respective assets and technologies.
  • Provide realistic training systems and tools that prepare response staff for a comprehensive range of potential emergencies.
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